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Agrifood: Fats, Oils, Molasses, Lysine, Methionine, bactericides, fungicides.
Food: Honey, Chocolate, Candy, Yeast.
Fertilizer: NPK, Sulphuric Acid, Methanol.

Tanks and Reactors

Storage tanks specially designed for each type of industry and manufactured in any material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel A304L, A316L Stainless Steel, Polyester.


Heating and cooling with complete cameras, triple cameras, indoor coils or attached depending on the product to be stored.

Isothermal and isolated tanks for Food use. Mixers and reactors for two or more liquid products or soluble solids. Options like A316L Stainless Steel workmanship or ceramic inner lining.

Mixers and homogenizers especially suitable to keep a constant temperature for certain products that combine hot/cold chambers with anchor-type agitator.

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