Agrifood: Coating of fats and oils. Enzymes Dosage, phytase, fungicides, wetting, Aromas.


Food: Coating of chocolates, candy. Colored and glazed popcorn, puffed rice cakes. Dosage of emulsifiers and oils for snacks, cakes, legs.


Fertilizers: anticaking, Emulsifiers.


Chemical and cosmetics: Additives, odorants for creams and soaps.

Continuous dosing system on a theoretical or real objective. The aim is to read the output of a machine and to dose proportionally onto the solid product.

For this type of application a dosing flowmeter is needed: mass flowmeter, inductive flow meter, gear flowmeter.


Continuous Dosage Systems

Coating systems with temperature control up to 90 °C and its accurate dosage and process.

All controls and systems incorporate our own technology, as we believe that accurate dosage means significant savings for our customers.

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